Billy's Courage

from Next Week In Münster by Roger Heathers



We move away
We smell the bacon cooking
God knows I can change
Became allergic to the Kool-Aid
You can stick that God damn paper up your ass
I never signed it anyway
I'd love for you to see me act my age

Hold me to my word
I'm an affirmation fueled testosterone machine
Wide eyes in a wide world
I can wait
Oh, I can wait
But I don't know how much longer I can wait for

We move away
We leave them talking
Leave the broom against the door
I'm making money, having sex and starting arguments
Who does he think he is?
You know, I never liked him any way
I guess he doesn't live here anymore

Hold me to my word
I'm a newly liberated slice of cherry pie
Wide eyes in a wide world
I can change
Oh, I can change
But I don't know how much longer I can change for

Special forces intervene
Special forces
I still don't know what you mean
But of course it's a long long way from the genes I have

Suicide and alcohol
Depression and resentment
I'm lucky to have made it out so clean
I'm lucky to've made it out as me


from Next Week In Münster, released May 5, 2019
HiteeSticks: Drums
Roger Heathers: Vocals, Bass, Guitars and Keys


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Roger Heathers England, UK

Multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer

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